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Due to our moral imperative, (as well as our genuine awareness that true success necessitates respectful work environments) we begin our work with sexual harassment training, and then move onto efficiency, and so on..  If you are in need of a policy, ours is specifically tailored for the restaurant industry (though applicable for any industry).  Check out our policy here.  If you would like facilitation adding a sexual harassment policy to your business standards, our coaching will happily begin there. Through respect, true collaboration, work enjoyment, and teamwork are possible.  This enables higher goals and all of it leads to more profit.




YOU WANT TO UPLEVEL YOUR BUSINESS.  Your management team is busy with the day to day details of running a business, scheduling, connecting with customers, staying afloat... YOU WANT ASSISTANCE GETTING YOUR WHOLE STAFF ON BOARD WITH A HIGHER LEVEL OF SUCCESS.


YOU WANT TO START IT RIGHT.  You long for a highly profitable business that benefits your community and its staff, and you want to make great money while living your passion.


YOU NEED EXPERT INSIGHT.  How do you design a restaurant for efficiency and profit?  What does a communicative environment look like in a restaurant?  How do you lead, while always accepting input?  How do you create a fun environment oriented toward great success?   


YOU NEED A SERVER'S PERSPECTIVE.  There is only one group amongst your staff, that deals with the vast majority of your entire customer experience, interacts directly with every branch of your business, knows what your customer's opinion is, what products are successful, what unnecessarily makes delivering good service difficult.  Though we interact holistically with all of your staff, this is our expertise and we'll teach you how to create an environment that delivers your best product with the most efficiency and highest level of service.


YOUR COMPANY NEEDS TO INCORPORATE EVERYONE'S PERSPECTIVE.  When you know what brings out the best in your staff, you know how to create the pathway to your greatest profit.  Most companies lack the collaborative and progress-oriented environment that your's is going to have.  You want to create the best, to be the best.  You want to retain staff and enjoy your job.


YOU WANT TO EMBRACE ALL PATHS OF ENJOYING YOUR JOB, AND MAKING MORE MONEY (BEYOND CONTROLLING LABOR COSTS).  This is actually one of the most limiting aspects of managing (without an understanding of the flow of service).  Unless there is a communicative, collaborative environment, the old school model targets labor hours and bringing in customers as the only way to generate profit.  Often, we miss out on creating an enjoyable work experience and a truly enjoyable guest experience. There are so many ways to streamline profit while eliminating waste and putting our best products out there, with the best service.


YOU HAVE A GREATER VISION.  You want to be supported in your vision, you want to make a positive impact, and you're willing to invest a little to MAKE A LOT MORE MONEY.

Respectful  Environments

Success begins with respect and mutual honoring.  That's a workplace worth offering your best to.  Through that you create true teamwork, and set higher goals.  How do we want to impact each other?  How do we want to impact our guests?

Communication& Collaboration

True efficiency begins with open communication between departments.  Everyone should always be on the same page in terms of current challenges, successes, and needs for improvement.  This elimates frustrations and wasteful systems.

Expansive Vision

Who do we want to be?  How do we want to impact our own livelihood, the lives of our employees, as well as our community?  How good can it get?  How much fun and abundance can we generate, while living our highest vision?



Abundance is happiness.  The new economy rewards those with vision, those who value that their own success involves the success of others.  Greater profit is the inevitable result of our effort, but the true success of working for the highest good, is happiness.

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