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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  We have a goal of transforming the restaurant industry, and we'd like to spend April getting as many restaurants onboard as possible.  IT'S TIME TO INCORPORATE SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICIES INTO OUR INDUSTRY, TO MAINTAIN INTEGRITY AND OUR PROMISES TO HONOR OUR EMPLOYEES.  IT'S TIME TO END THE NEGLECT AND ITS PERMISSION FOR TRESPASS.


Highest Good Consulting works together with business owners and managers to create respectful environments (that create higher profit and work satisfaction).  Our Sexual Harassment Policy also contains an employee guide, as well as manager training.  It is a staff interaction guideline, and mission statement of integrity - ALL IN ONE.  It is concise, simplified, clarity and boundary setting.  Thriving work environments NECESSITATE BOUNDARIES.  Implementing our policy will not only save you from the financial disaster of lawsuits, it will honor your staff as well as attract respectful employees who will be onboard with your vision.  More broadly, in creating a respectful environment, you lay the foundation to create a happy, thriving company.  


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