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Sometimes it takes a village . . .
Some of you may or may not be aware that I quit my most recent job after a male employee screamed in my face that I didn't get to have physical boundaries.  After all that I've experienced in the restaurant industry, I quit and I put my heart into this project.  I had already begun planning this business and building this site, but I've realized that I can't coach any restaurant that doesn't have an implemented sexual harassment policy (because the culture is often too disrespectful to truly create towards a common goal, and I will not support a business that is out of integrity).  I've also realized, that this is where my gifts meet my community's greatest need.  There are more sexual harassment claims in the restaurant industry than in any other industry (and that figure represents what is federally filed, let alone all the issues never addressed or acknowledged).  I have a unique approach because I know this industry. I know how the trespass gets reinforced, I know how uncommunicative the toxic environments are, and how corporate policies do not begin to address the lack of physical boundaries within these companies (this is such an important distinction).  It's ignorance, it's cyclical, and it's time for change. 
Check out this article from the post if you need education on the reality of abuses within this industry.
I also really know how to create solutions.  I have created an innovative sexual harassment policy for restaurants (you can view it here.) to begin with respect's necessary foundation. In addition to the policy, I'm selling (and in the process of creating) an onboarding video for new employees (because managers don't know how to talk about it, and on the rare occasion they use a policy, it is signed but never read). I'm also creating a video training for managers (because they are uneducated in this regard, corporate training doesn't apply well to this culture, and there is such ignorance in terms of what sexual harassment is, and creating an environment of respect). 
There are many great ways you can support my movement:
1. Donate
This is me just welcoming good from every angle. :)  I'm setting a goal of 5,000 because that's what I'll need over the next month to get the videos done (including male voice over, HR support, potential consultation with lawyer, and other necessities of beginning this business.)  This money directly supports me, my passion for bettering the lives of others, and all the people we will influence together.  The restaurant industry affects so many people.  (Any donation over $150, gets you access to a free consultation with me regarding your business, or creating a life that you're in love with.  Email me.)
2. Promote my sexual harassment policy resources. 
Check out the ways I'm innovating and going to empower my community.  Right now I'm selling these resources for half off ($200 - in May they will be priced at $400) to fund the videos creation.  One of the ways I'm innovating, is that this policy isn't solely focused on what not to do, and it lays the groundwork for collaborative environments.  I'm not just looking to end physical trespass, I'm looking to create environments that empower every employee.  I'll be posting links on Facebook.  Reposting or mentioning to friends (or restaurants you visit) is awesome!
3. Support my facebook page Highest Good 
Good golly I have a lot to accomplish but that will be ready soon.
4. Support the initiative that I'll be posting, called Times Up Service Industry. 
During the month of April (sexual assault awareness month), we're motivating people to ask restaurants if they have a sexual harassment policy implemented.  The vast majority of restaurants do not, and their workers are not protected.  Be sure if you call to do so midday (2-3) and remember you're speaking with a host who is not representative of the problem.  Be kind and ask to speak to a manager if possible.  THE ENTIRE PURPOSE, IS TO INFORM THEM THAT THEIR CUSTOMERS ARE INTERESTED IN SUCH THINGS, AND THAT THERE ARE FINANCIAL REPERCUSSIONS OF DISRESPECTFUL (AND ILLEGAL) PRACTICES.  Even if you participate just one time, it makes a difference.  Let's let this industry know that you care about the dignity and legal rights of its employees (the people serving you).
I'm just really proud of it. :)  It will educate you on my unique approach to the education and transformation of this industry.  You might even learn ideas to implement in your own business.
6. Check out the rest of my website, and know that you are loved immensely.  Thank you for being someone dear in my life, and interested in my work!
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