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Highest Good Consulting.

The term "highest good," comes from Aristotle.  In book one of Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle deduces that man's happiness is the Highest Good of them all.  But what is true happiness?  He points out that all actions have an aim, but ultimately the true aim is the feeling of the result.  People pursue money because they think it provides happiness.  They work in jobs they don't enjoy, and they struggle financially, never to attain that ultimate goal.  But what if they weren't steering correctly?  What if they weren't paying attention to their actual goal of happy?  

What if enjoying your work, is actually the key to truly flourishing financially?  What if contributing to your community not only benefits others, it expands your profit exponentially?  What is happiness?  Isn't it enjoying your day to day life experiences?  Working to better your life, to better the lives of others, to learn more, to create more, to work for the Highest Good?  The new economy rewards those with vision, those who know that their own success involves and includes the success of others.  Abundance is happiness, and in very practical ways this firm works to achieve greater financial success for each of its clients, while contributing to the Highest Good.

How we work with your business: 
Restaurant Design Imput
Blue Print

The old business model teaches that you create from the top down. Restaurants are often designed for the aesthetic, but are built without an awareness of practicality and emphasizing profit.  Designing right from the start, enables you to align with flow of service.

When you truly facilitate the delivery of your product (food, and drinks) your guests not only benefit from what they perceive to be good service, they purchase more.   


We offer expert input to design your restaurant for success.

Efficiency Experts

Business structures often miss opportunities to solve needless frustrations and financial waste, because of the design of the business, and because there isn't a communicative environment.  We facilitate communication between departments, work flow, and the delivery of your best product.  When you enable your employees to work efficiently, you increase work satisfaction and sales.


We are efficiency experts and can teach you communication systems that will expand your profit exponentially.

Sexual Harassment Policy & Resources
Team work

This policy is about the ability to show up to do your job well, creating clear boundaries and an environment of mutual respect.  Unlike dry corporate policies, this speaks to restaurant culture and the people it serves.  You want your company to have an environment worth giving your best work to.  There are legal expectations that everyone deserves dignity, physical boundaries, and cannot be discriminated against.


We make it easy to create respectful environments.

Coaching Services
Casual Business Meeting

You want to enjoy your life.  You want support in creating your dream, and getting your employees onboard.  You want ease and satisfaction, and you want an environment that feels good to be in.  Your employees want the same things.  When you have them onboard with your vision (and when they know that your success truly is their success) anything is possible. 


We have coaching services that enable you, your business, and your community to thrive.

You want to create from the ground up with good intentions, and then to communicate with each branch of business, allowing each to flourish, and then grow exponentially.  You can create incredible abundance while powerfully contributing to the highest good.

The Highest Good means holding the best of intentions for yourself and for others.  Win/Win solutions abound.  For now, Highest Good Consulting works within the restaurant industry.  We have longterm goals of revolutionizing industry, period.

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